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Best practice tool I’ve ever used! Less shagging more shots!

••• Sean Quirk – Head Coach Boston Pro Lacrosse Team, Lacrosse Parent

Easy to set-up, great tool for practice!

••• Dan Kraft – Kraft Group Executive, Lacrosse Parent & Coach

The Smart Backstop has been a game changer. We secure it to a goal at the beginning of the fall and leave it on year-round. We use it every day as a team and our guys use it when they shoot on their own. More time shooting and less time shagging balls allows us for greater efficiency and greater improvement.

••• Dan Chemotti – University of Richmond Head Coach

Amazing product! Our boosters bought two and my kids can get 1500-1800 shots in 30 min. Amazing how much more time can be spent on shooting vs chasing missed shots. Kids love it, coaches love it, well worth it!

••• Josh Wedge – Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School Boys Lacrosse Head Coach

I have been involved in lacrosse for almost 40 years and honestly this is one of the best inventions I have ever seen for the game. It is so effective. Easy to set up and really works! We keep two of them set up on our field all the time for the guys to shoot. I wish I had one when my three kids were playing.

••• Keith Bugbee – Head Coach, Springfield College

It’s this simple…The Smart Backstop pays dividends and saves you money! Getting our kids to shoot HARD and then hone their accuracy is yielding significant goal % results and had improved player confidence, not to mention it’s saving us hundreds of dollars in lost balls! It’s a no-brainer!

••• JR Sherman – Wilton Lacrosse Association

Very durable! We’ve beat it up and it’s been solid. Great training tool!

••• Connor Eschmann – Player Springfield College

I wanted to thank you for providing us with such a great product. The set up was fast and easy. I really like the fact that we can get more shooting reps in a short amount of time. What makes the Smart Backstop even more unique is the ability to fold it down and back for seamless transitions from shooting drills to 6v6. There was obviously quite a bit of thought that went into the design. Thanks again!

••• Fielding Crawford – Head Coach, Atlee High School

Easy to set-up and a great design! Very durable!

••• Matt Rowley – Head Coach, Noble and Greenough School

No more broken windows and lost balls! Thank you SST!

••• Fred Kirsch – Publisher & VP of Content at Kraft Sports Productions & NE Patriots, Lacrosse Parent

The Smart Backstop is incredibly easy to set-up. Within 20 min. of opening the package my two boys were shooting. When finished, the backstop folds behind the goal easily. Would highly recommend for all lacrosse players. Spend more time shooting, less time shagging balls.

••• David Schubach – Lacrosse Parent

This lacrosse season we purchased two Smart Backstops. We absolutely love them. They were easy to install, do a great job stopping balls and are very durable. The Smart Backstop drastically cuts down on lost lacrosse balls and cleanup during shooting drills. We also needed a part due to vandalism and the company sent us the replacement part and some extras for free. The Smart Backstop is great for any team or individual lacrosse players.

••• Jason Stukey – Head Coach, Elmira Express Lacrosse

We love the Smart Backstop and I personally believe it has saved windows, damage to vehicles and our entire house for that matter. 🙂 It’s a great product!

••• Chris R. – Lacrosse Parent

My grandson lives in the city and has had to set up his net and Smart Backstop on a small city lot. Before installing the Smart Backstop we had numerous problems with neighbors always complaining, keeping the balls that went over the fence, and one point, a neighbor even called the Police. (The Police were actually pretty nice about the situation, but my daughter was shaken up.) After the visit from the police I searched the internet and that is when I found and bought the Smart Backstop. Since then, we have had no problems with the neighbors, and no more visits from the Police. Your product is exceptional and so is your customer service! If I was asked to rate the Smart Backstop and Smart Sport Tek customer support on a scale of 1-5, I would rate you a 5…but I still don’t think that would be high enough. Thanks for everything. Keep up the good work.

••• Dave Scharoun – Lacrosse Grandparent

The Smart Backstop is a great product to add to your kid’s net. No more worrying losing balls or damaging the neighbor’s property. I did a fair share of research before buying a backstop. In my opinion this product is the best in the industry. It was easy to setup and folds away when not in use. My 14 year old son loves it. Thanks for a great product!

••• Tim Pfaff – Lacrosse Parent

The Smart Backstop is absolutely the best on the market, it’s northing short of phenomenal!!!

••• Dom Cottone – Video Analytics & Scouting Coach – Calvert Hall College High School Lacrosse

Durable! Light weight, easy to bring back and forth to practice and easy to set-up!

••• Matt Schairer – Assistant Lacrosse Coach Endicott College

The Smart Backstop is a great product. I am a fourteen year old and with a little help from my dad was able to setup the backstop in only about fifteen minutes. Since then I haven’t had any broken windows, frightened neighbors and, most of all, chased balls. I can’t imagine how much time the backstop has saved me when it comes to having to chase after balls. When one of the parts broke the company was very friendly and sent out replacement parts immediately with great service. I highly recommend the product and company to all lacrosse players.

••• Walker – Player – Mercer Island, WA

Our Youth and Bantam programs think the Smart Backstop is one of the best lacrosse items on the market right now. This system has help out with our practices in not having to chase missed shots or losing balls. Our coaches for our teams are fighting for time to use this during their practice sessions. I hope to talk our program into purchasing a few more of these Smart Backstops.

••• Bruce Nolley – Coach, Highland Park Boys Lacrosse Club, TX

We have tried numerous nets and backstops for our backyard lacrosse goal. The smart backstop has proven to be the best all-around solution for my boys. They have the confidence to practice high and low corner shots knowing that the balls will not end up in the woods or the neighbor’s yard. The boys are shooting harder and more accurately knowing that with most any miss the balls collect right at the goal. The backstop is easy to assemble and looks great. It has weathered two winters and continues to function the same as day one. Folding the netting when not in use is easy. Lastly, the customer service has been excellent.

••• Josh S. – Lacrosse Parent

The Smart Backstop has been a tremendous addition to my kids enjoyment and skill building in our back yard practice sessions. My 5th grade son goes out in the back yard every day to shoot because he loves it and is becoming quite the player. My daughter was recently named one of the top freshmen in our state and is already on her way! Please keep up the great work!

••• Sean Bennett – Lacrosse Parent

We love our smart backstop! We’ve had MULTIPLE others prior to buying the smart backstop and it by far, outweighs the competitions’ product!

••• Erica Hicks – Lacrosse Parent

I purchased a Smart Backstop at the MBYLL Devens Jamboree and it is even better than advertised! My son and I had it setup in about 20 minutes and we’ve been nonstop shooting since. Don’t think we’ve lost a single ball even though our cage is right in front of woods which slope down a hill. I can see how much more confident his shots are knowing he doesn’t have to trek into the woods every 15 minutes. On top of that, he is getting so many more reps. Such a great design! I’ll definitely recommend this to all of my players. Thanks.

••• Joe Savoie – North Andover Youth Lacrosse Dad and Coach

Learning to shoot with confidence is a critical skill for a developing lacrosse player – and having a backstop helps significantly. Over the years, we have tried and struggled with many types of backstops, but most are cheaply constructed or poorly designed. We recently purchased the Smart Backstop – it is easily the best backstop approach we have ever used. Great design, easy to install, and great quality. Just a great product.

••• Guy Van Meter, Lacrosse Parent and Coach

We have several lax players in the family and have had tons of training equipment. We shopped around quite a bit for our backyard backstop (lots of close neighbors!) and a friend had the Smart Backstop and said it was amazing so we bought it. Worth the money and we tell everybody!

••• Ed S. – Tacoma, WA

My 13 year old son is already benefiting from having the freedom to shoot as hard as he can while still aiming for corners – in 5 days he added 8mph to his shot and now consistently is above 80mph. The neighborhood lawn care guy is pretty excited too considering how many balls used to end up in our neighbors yards.

••• Scott Mattson, Lacrosse Parent and Coach

We received our Smart Backstop last week, it was easy to assemble and even easier to use. It’s a keeper! The thought put into the product is strong. The heavy duty mesh is going to stand up to weather. We’ve put it to good use over the last six days, with heat, rain and snow in the same week here. It working very well. My wife LOVES the fold up feature! She was not interested in installing a 20’ x 40’ net across the back of the goal, that’s just aesthetically painful!

••• Brooke Farrell – Lacrosse Parent & Coach

A must-have for any lacrosse program or family. Saves time hunting balls, saves money buying new ones.

••• Dan Warren – Assistant Coach, Noble and Greenough School

We love the Smart Backstop! We have a huge yard and it really allows my son to take shots like he was on a lacrosse field.

••• Frank G. – Lacrosse Parent – Massachusetts

Very smart product, I’ve used it and really like it! Huge help for player training and something that’s been needed for a long time! Easy set up and maneuverability – great tool for players to really work at their shooting without holding back for fear of missing the goal!

••• Steve Schairer – AD King Philip HS, Lacrosse Coach, Lacrosse Parent

The Smart Backstop has allowed my son to develop his off-hand without pelting our neighbors! As someone who really appreciates smart, strong and efficient design, I would recommend this product to any child/young adult who wants to increase practice productivity. Great product!

••• Simon Parrott – Lacrosse Parent

I bought the Smart Backstop for my son’s high school varsity team after watching the team lose valuable time gathering balls. It was the best decision of the season! We installed it in minutes after the second practice and just took it down after the last practice. There isn’t a tear in the netting! The Smart Backstop was raised when needed and dropped when it wasn’t by the goalie (it’s a one man job that takes seconds). the Smart Backstop is now on our home goal and I anticipate it will be used again next season by the high school team. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is tired of losing balls and time.

••• Greg Hall – Lacrosse Parent

As a Lacrosse parent, I noticed my 13 year old was starting to shoot harder, and getting more technical with his shots. More corner shots, meant more misses, and with his new found power, we had a lot of lost lacrosse balls. We searched for a backstop for months, as my wife did not want a 30’ net in the backyard, and honestly it would be a pain to set up and take down. I came across the Smart Backstop and it answered all our prayers. We attached this to a folding backyard goal, and we can take down the goal and the backstop in less than a minute and it is out of sight. I cannot tell you how happy we are with this product. Worth every penny!

••• Robert S. – Lacrosse Parent – Roanoke, VA

The Smart Backstop is so much more effective than the free-standing backstop net we had before. It’s reduced my fence repair labor to almost nil. Not to mention that it’s really easy to move when mowing the lawn. I’ve recommended it to a number of other families.

••• Brian Routt – Lacrosse parent – MI

The Smart Backstop is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! It’s a great alternative to a large backstop in the yard. It’s super easy to install. The hardware is durable. Most importantly, it works. I’ve taken hundreds of shots on mine from every angle and if the ball hits the backstop, it lands right in front of it – every time! It’s also just as easy as before for me to drag my practice goal around the yard once the Smart Backstop is folded down. Customer service is top notch as well!

••• Dave Perrine – Lacrosse Player back from retirement

We have been very happy with the Smart Backstop. It was easy to set up. It’s a great design, and so well constructed and durable. Great product for sure.

••• John Brams – Lacrosse Parent

The Smart Backstop was one of the best investments ever! We use it almost every day.

••• Douglas Burman – Lacrosse Enthusiasts

I had actually put my son’s lacrosse goal away because the neighbors were not happy with all lax balls in their yard. Since installing the Smart Backstop we’ve had no complaints at all from the neighbors! It was easy to install and works great! I like the way it collapses behind the goal for storage! Smart design!

••• John Wait - Lacrosse Parent and Coach

We got the Smart Backstop yesterday and this thing is SWEET! Set up was easy my little lacrosse maniacs love it! No more chasing and looking for lost balls! Thank you Smart Backstop!

••• Greg - Lacrosse Parent

Chasing balls is the worst part of lacrosse practice. Even though we practice on a fenced in turf field, it is still a massive waste of time to chase balls during and in between drills. Once we got the Smart Backstop we have tripled our reps in practice and have much less wasted time. We don't do a drill without it and that includes pre game warm ups. It is such a great tool that we are investing in one more for our HS team and 3 more for our youth program. This is an incredible product and will increase your teams productivity instantly.

••• Bill Cafferata – Lacrosse Coach

The Smart Backstop is very well thought out, durable, and does what it claims! All at what I believe is a reasonable price

••• Chuck W – Lacrosse Parent

My son Jack is taking full advantage of this time to practice and improve on a daily basis. The Smart Backstop system has performed flawlessly

••• Gregg – Lacrosse Parent

The Smart Backstop is must have for every backyard. The newest generation is durable and is easy to install. This system gives your player the ability to get more reps in a short amount of time. The Smart Backstop is essential for anyone who wants to become a better shooter and who wants to take their game to the next level.

••• Jayme Block - Assistant Lacrosse Coach, Salisbury University