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Practice Smart™
Smart Sports Tek
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Company Info

When we were thinking of a name for our sports backstop, we kept coming back to the word "smart."

At any level of sports, if the goal is to get better, one has to practice. If you’re going to practice at home, the smart thing to do is put up a backstop. Reducing the amount of time shagging balls/pucks, losing balls/pucks, breaking windows and annoying neighbors is a no-brainer.

Then there’s that goal of getting better. In sports, you’ll never become a sniper by shooting for the middle of the goal every time. That’s making a goalie’s life sweet. It’s a bad habit but a good backstop can prevent it from ever being formed. Don’t be afraid to miss! The smart player aims for the edges and a backstop encourages smart shooting.

There are a few backstops out there but none compare to ours because it’s the smartest. It’s designed by parents and players with players and parents in mind. Easy to assemble, durable, and it becomes one with your goal. When it’s not in use or the goal needs to be moved, Smart Backstop® easily folds away and out of sight behind the goal. Compare Smart Backstop® to any other backstop out there. When it comes to quality, durability, design, ease of use and price, there’s no better choice to practice smart!