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Practice Smart™
Smart Sports Tek
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Why do you call it “Smart” Backstop?
Does the Smart Backstop come with a goal?
Will it fit my goal?
Will the Smart Backstop work on a folding goal?
Is it easy to assemble?
Will it fold back if I hit it with a hard shot?
After set-up why do I see the four black net poles when I don’t see them in the picture?
I noticed after a while my Smart Backstop leans a little backwards.
How easy is it to transport the Smart Backstop to the field?
My kid is just beginning to learn. Do I really need a backstop?
Do I need to take Smart Backstop off the goal when not in use?
I’m interested in getting a bunch of Smart Backstops for my school, league or club team(s). Can I get a deal?
Will Smart Backstop guarantee nothing will get damaged due to missed shots?
What if something on the Smart Backstop breaks?
What is your return policy?