Why do you call it “Smart” Backstop?

We took our years of experience as lacrosse parents, players and coaches and designed Smart Backstop with players, parents and coaches in mind. It’s the most durable, well-designed backstop you’ll find. Plus, if you really want to improve at lacrosse, the smart move is to get a backstop!

Does the Smart Backstop come with a goal?

The Smart Backstop does not include a goal.

Will it fit my goal?

Smart Backstop is designed to fit most standard 6’ x 6’ goals including round corner, square corner and even goals fitted with lacing bars. It fits goal frame pipe diameters of 1-1/4″ to 2″. Although the Smart Backstop for Lacrosse weighs less than 19 pounds, we recommend that your lacrosse goal be in good structural condition i.e., frame not loose/wobbly etc.

Will the Smart Backstop work on a folding goal

We would not recommend using a Smart Backstop a folding goal.

Is it easy to assemble?

Absolutely. No tools required and easy to follow instructions included. You can even watch us put one together right here.

Will it take a VERY hard shot?

Absolutely, we have many players who shoot over 100MPH with no problems!

Will it fold back if I hit it with a hard shot?

NO! The Smart Backstop has a patented “drop and lock” design, it holds firm!

After set-up why do I see the four black net poles when I don’t see them in the picture?

First, please be sure to read all set-up instructions before assembling.

When installed correctly, you will NOT see the four net poles. They must be installed INSIDE the net poles sleeves. Do NOT hang the net from the end of the net pole sleeves’ reinforcement material. Please see page 4, step 7 of the instruction manual. Also, we have a set-up video that that you will may find very helpful.

I noticed after a while my Smart Backstop leans a little backwards.

Check first to make sure your goal frame is not bent/leaning backwards. Look at your goal from the side. If it’s leaning towards the back of the goal, your Smart Backstop will also lean back. The front of the goal frame needs to be straight/vertical.

If your goal looks good, you can straighten the backstop by adjusting the two corner bracket assemblies.. As with anything that is screwed on, they can sometimes loosen over time. On each side loosen the two “j” bolt clamps and velcro strap, then rotate the corner bracket towards the goal frame. Re-tighten the “J” bolt clamps firmly and fasten the velcro strap. Don’t be afraid to use some muscle when tightening, the clamps won’t strip.

How easy is it to transport the Smart Backstop to the field?

At only 18 pounds, it’s light! We offer an additional Smart Duffle Bag specially designed for the Smart Backstop making it easy to bring to and from where you practice. The Smart Duffle Bag is available on our website.

My kid is just beginning to learn. Do I really need a backstop?

You especially need one! Right from the start the young player should be encouraged to take chances and shoot for the edges. Don’t make it easy for the goalie! That means a lot of missing but that’s the only way to get better.

Do I need to take Smart Backstop off the goal when not in use?

Nope. Smart Backstop is designed to be part of your goal as long as you have your goal. It easily folds behind the goal and out of sight. That comes in real handy when it’s time to mow the lawn and the goal needs to be moved. You can even leave Smart Backstop out year-round. It’s designed to take the beating!.

I’m interested in getting a bunch of Smart Backstops for my school, league or club team(s). Can I get a deal?

Email us at info@smartsportstek.com. We’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Will Smart Backstop guarantee nothing will get damaged due to missed shots?

There are no guarantees in life or lacrosse but we have no doubt that Smart Backstop will make your life and lacrosse better!

What if something on the Smart Backstop breaks?

Smart Backstop is built to last but in the event something does break we have all parts on hand. Simply email us at info@smartsportstek.com and we’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

What is your return policy?

If Smart Backstop is damaged or defective in any way, view our Return Policy.